Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Great Move

This may not be entirely true.
Home is where the heart is…or in our case where all the kids, hockey bags, and smelly gear can fit and our old house was just not cutting it anymore.  Veronica and I had been searching during the summer for a possible solution to the fact we had outgrown our home in the four years we had lived there, but we struck out at every turn.  On a whim I was sent to look at a house that I was not impressed by at all – the amount of work it would need to make it a home for me was more than I cared to take on.  However, Veronica saw it and was ready to move.  The size was a major selling point not to mention a family room with a fireplace, and 5 nice sized bedrooms the smallest being larger than any of the room at the old house.

At that point I was set off on a mission, a mission to paint and get the house ready in 2 weeks for the big move.  Every wall in the house was the exact same color – a cross between honey and burlap so not something we could live with or very long at all.  I started in the hockey boys’ bedrooms – the first I was out to be wild and crazy so I painted two of the walls orange and two slate grey walls with black and white trim throughout the room.  Cloudya still holds to the fact that the grey is actually lavender – she may be right but I keep telling myself it is grey and someday I will convince everyone that I am right.  Next came the bedroom that one day will hopefully be a guest bedroom leaving the walls the same color I added vertical striping in blue.  The stripes started as something I thought would be cool but in the end I realized my yard stick was not straight and I had to make some adjustments adding to the work load.

Kaiden's bed Avs and Sharkstuff everywhere
The kids’ rooms became my next task Kaiden’s was easy enough as he wanted his room to look the exact same way it had before so the Colorado Avalanche bedroom was reborn.  Shaded ice took on the wall color and two wide stripes in maroon and blue blocking in by black stripes made of hockey tape.  Decorations were added and a hockey bedroom any Avs Fan can be proud of came to life.   

Cloudya's overly colorful room

Now if you know Cloudya she is all girl and totally wild when it comes to what she wants – so her room looks somewhat like a fairy attacked a paint store.  She has walls painted purple, green, and a Caribbean blue with everything trimmed out in pink accents – like I said a lot of color.  There is no doubt the room belongs to a princess – just you would never know it is a HOCKEY PRINCESS.

While I love painting by that point I was kind of beat up and running out of time; packing during the day, painting and unpacking at night takes a lot out of you.  The only rooms that have been painted since the move is the Family Room and entrance of the house, both Veronica has picked some very bold colors.  A deep purple for the Family Room and a nautical blue for the entrance into the house, making both of these rooms my favorite.  As time moves I am working on pieces here and there and adding new décor to the house in every room and I will eventually be done. 

Veronica was able to see something more than I had, which is often the case as I am more of a realist.  The house is coming together and everyone can actually spread out and have a bit of space which is by far the most important thing.  I have my fingers crossed that we don’t outgrow this house too soon. Besides if we do the poor soul that moves in here will never get the stench of hockey bags out of the garage no matter what they do – I know I have tried.

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