Meet the Family-James Push this Button:)

Hockey Dad: Thomas
After reading this blog you will most often wonder when Thomas sleeps. The answer is simple...he doesn't.  Between volunteer work with Omaha Hockey, helping shuttle kids to activities, and being the gourmet cook for the Dean brood he doesn't have much time!  In what little spare time he does have he is working to get his first novel published.

Hockey Mom:Veronica
If there is anyone to blame for our family's love of hockey it would be Veronica.  She is the volunteer mom that is always willing to help, and is very good at getting Thomas involved too.  If there is a hockey event happening you can bet Veronica has helped in some way or another.  When it comes to the game, she is a die hard Colorado Avalanche fan; winning, losing, or even when they don't show up to play Veronica is on the couch cheering just as loud as if she was at the Pepsi Center in Denver.  She is a little busy now when you add in the fact she has headed back to school, but she will be at every game possible cheering on our boys and Cloudya.

Only Hockey Daughter:Cloudya the Diva
Cloudy is a ballerina turned hockey player.  She decided last year to turn her ballet shoes in for a pair of ice skates and has never looked back.  She currently plays on the Lady Jr. Lancers-the only all girl team in the state of Nebraska!  When she grows up Cloudya wants to be an archaeologist and loves to study dinosaurs.  When she is not on the ice Cloudya loves to project movies on the side of the house and invite the neighborhood over to watch!

Hockey Son #1: Captain Kaiden
Kaiden wakes up every morning asking his dad what hockey games are on that night and he expects to get an answer.  When he grows up Kaiden wants to be Captain of the Colorado Avalanche!  When we asked him who his heroes were he said Jed O from the Minnesota Wild, Coach Jake and Superman!  He loves having older hockey brothers and he loves it cause they all can pick on his sister!  Look out!  Off the ice Kaiden is training to be a Black Belt and is about half way there!  In his spare time Kaiden loves to play with his nerf guns and video games!

Hockey Son #2 James
James was the first player we ever housed, and will always hold the special place of being #1.  He is from Owatonna, MN and plays defense. James is the type of kid that makes everyone laugh with his wit and humor.  One of the best things about where James is from is every time Cloudya has a tournament in Minnesota its not to far away from her brother and we get to stop and see him.  James loves to hunt and ice fish.  Kaiden's favorite thing James and him do together is to shoot paintball guns!

Hockey Son #3 Alex
Although Alex never officially lived at our house he did in all ways that matter.  Alex was that kid from down the street that randomly showed up in family pictures and was always welcome at the dinner table.  The kids quickly adopted him as their brother from North Pole, Alaska.  Alex is a forward.  Him and Kaiden do not see eye-to-eye on teams as he is an avid Red Wings fan. 

Hockey Son #4 Chris aka SPINNER
Chris is a defense man from Kansas City.  After deciding we no longer wanted to call the boys by numbers we implemented the nicknaming system.  Chris' name come from this goofy little dance move he does all the time that ends with a little spin, also because of his love of Degrassi.  Chris tends to like all the things in our house that will get you booed, he is a KC Chiefs & Pittsburgh Penguins Fan, and he will be heading off to Arkansas to join the Razorbacks for college.  Although his choice in teams may be suspect in our eyes he is still one of the boys.   Chris is the loving one, always ready to hand out a hug, and constantly asking if everything is okay.

Hockey Son #5 Isaac aka Fluffy
Isaac is our families OOPS! He ended up on the couch during a housing transition and never left.  Isaac is a wonderful addition to our small army; he is the instigator, and ring leader of anything mischievous.  Isaac's nickname is all about the hair, the boy has a lot of it and it always looks like a big ball of fluff.  But don't let that fool you, Isaac is a defense man that is not afraid to go to the box for a penalty.  Hailing from Austin, Mn we will see him on plenty of trips.

Hockey Son #6 Marshall aka Cookie
People are supposed to learn after one OOPS, but we didn't and Marshall has become our newest addition.  Marshall joined the ranks of our family on NewYear's Day, pretty good way to start the year if you ask us.  Joining us from close by Waterloo, Iowa he is going to give Isaac a running for the ring leader of mischievous behavior around here.  Marshall is extremely easy going, loves Mt Dew and always has this little smirk that lets you know everything is going to be okay.  While we had to work at nicknames for the others Cookie just works given Marshall's last name and the fact he likes Thomas' cookies(so far at least).  Welcome to the family Marshall, and let's hope you are the last surprise we have this season.