Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Friday, December 2, 2011

Pride and Prejudice

There is always some kind of game on in our house rather it's hockey, football or basketball.  It doesn't take very long before the Captain asks, "Who are we rooting for?"  On the day of the boy's first scrimmage we weren't looking forward to that question.  Our AAA 18s were playing the AAA 16s.  You think that Kaiden would naturally want to cheer for his brothers.  However, if you refer to his bio you would learn that one of his heroes is Coach Jake.  The team that Coach Jake coaches is AAA 16s. 

So on the way to the rink to watch Kaiden asked who the boy's were playing.  In which we responded, "Coach Jake's team."
For a moment he looked puzzled in that six year old kind of way, but then he asked, "Who should I root for?"  Even at such a young age he knew that this was a hard choice his brothers versus his favorite coach. 

In the end he came up with the solution to cheer for his brothers and few of his other favorite players and to only cheer for Coach's team if they were winning.


Stay tuned for a week long slumber party!