Cloudya and Jed O from the Minnesota Wild!
Yodi The Dean Family Mascot.  You will find him doing some funny things throughout the season.

Our Son James-in the white

James again

Alex looking all cool!  Alaska style:)

Cloudya and Kaiden chilling before watching the UNO vs Minnesota State Game...cheering on a family friend!  Go Zach!

Kaiden and his hero Jed O from the Wild!

Grandma and Grandpa attempting to get Kaiden ready to skate.

Quick pose at the rink!
Skating with Uncle Matt!

What a ham Kaiden is!
Opening night at the Lancers!
Punishment for missing morning practice!
Cloudy and the Lady Jr Lancers
Game time
The sign above Kaiden's new closet
Isaac catching a pass
A trip to Minnesota and Kaiden finds himself on a machine
I can always get to my big brother James:)
Cloudy prepping to go on the ice
A shirt a friend made for me when our kids both graded up and caused a small scandal
Wearing Aunt Jenny's number!
Look what I found in coaches office!
Kaiden won a trophy for best attitude!
Squirt Select Runners Up
Watching a Bruin's game in style
Goalie Goofy
Kaiden found him a little girl to chill with at one of his sister's tourneys
Paint the Rink Pink in Austin, MN
The Captain gets a Penalty!  He's proud of those!
Award for best Attitude
Cloudy watching the Austin Game
Proud of our number
Game time!
Kaiden's Squirt Select Team!
He's a little sweaty after scoring over 40 goals in two hours!
We love this page from his story book
Kaiden and Isaac head to a birthday party
Isaac's senior pic
Saying good-bye to the Captain
Saying Good-bye to the Diva
This made us laugh
Kaiden's shirt for AAA games
Kaiden missing his Fluffikins
 Moving out Isaac style
Marshall and Isaac after a BPHL game
Sporting the mullet

Lancer game time...oh yeah!