Yoda's Many Adventures

Yoda has taken over the duty as Family Chauffeur in order to cover the cost of his room and board - It is a nice change to Veronica's Driving. However, he keeps using THE FORCE to change the channel to NPR.

Yoda had so much fun at TRY HOCKEY FOR FREE he decided to sign up for hockey. Yoda is a little upset though, he was told he had to wear all the gear and he could not use "the force" to put the puck in the goal - "Is a skill a have, use it I should."

Yoda joined the family at the opening game of the season for the Colorado Avalanche. "Most interesting people I did meet, even unsavory ones wearing red shirts with a most evil symbol of the Dark Side of the Force - Tires with Wings."

Kaiden felt it was time to protect Yoda from the Dark Side, the Redwing Fan around us were not nice people.
— at Pepsi Center.

"A loss is a time to learn, and win we will next time. The Force is strong with the Maroon and Blue." After the game Yoda was able to cheer Kaiden up with that little bit of wisdom.

"A walk like this on Dagobah System would make training Jedi much easier for me. I must find the one who is responsible for such magic in the force."

Yoda also found the escalator to be an interesting means of human transportation. "Up and down is easy to do, on these moving stairs."

"Many interesting things inside." Yoda has found a scary new hobby - buying things from the SkyMall Catalog.

Time to fly home - Yoda was concerned that there were no R2 units helping the Pilot fly but we made it home perfectly safe.
— at Southwest Airlines .

We have discovered three very important things about Master Yoda. 1.) He loves hockey 2.) He HATES the REDWINGS 3.) The Smell of Kaiden's Hockey Bag has turned his poor little body very green, well greener.
— with Yoda.

Even with his great FORCE POWERS Yoda has resorted to the classic move of plugging his nose and gagging at the smell of the Hockey Bag and its contents, which Yoda says is very similar to the powers of the DARK SIDE.
— with Yoda.

Yoda likes to stay up to date on everything hockey, so he grabbed a hockey magazine at the rink while the girls were getting ready to take the ice.
— with Yoda.

Cheering on one of his favorite teams the LADY JR LANCERS. Yoda likes all the Lancers but his favorites are the Red Team(Kaiden's Team), The Blue Team(Cloudya's Team) and the Lady Jr Lancers. Yoda says "Score they must, there is no try only do!"
— with Veronica Barton and Yoda.

Yoda is very excited after watching the Lady Jr Lancers close out their St Louis Tournament win with a shutout. Yoda's Quote about the the Lady Jr. Lancers - "The Force they have, very strong it is".

Yoda has lots going on today as it is his 1st day of school. He was not happy I made him take his lunch, but he was excited to take the spelling test with Kaiden. Yoda also ditched his Jedi robes for his Avalanche Jersey in support of Hockey Across America.

"Focus Kaiden has, his Black Belt he will achieve" - Positive words about Kaiden's future is all Yoda has.

Kaiden and Yoda sharing a moment before the graduation ceremony begins.

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