Monday, November 14, 2011

The Oops Baby...

So every once in a while friends of yours may actually admit they have an oops child.  Sometimes that oops is in the form of the first born, or the youngest and sometimes even sandwiched right in the middle.  Well I will proudly admit that we have An Oops Baby and his name is Isaac. 

Now Isaac is a special kid.  He is the fun loving, outgoing, ball of energy that is bound to get himself into whatever mischief may happen to be around and if there is none he can always make it.  Along with that and his little grin that is contagious to anyone that sees it, Isaac has a head of the craziest hair I have seen on a boy ever.  In hockey terms Isaac hair is CRAZY SICK FLO – now if you don’t know what they means well you are on your own but in laymen’s terms it is simply sexy hair.

As I have already established Isaac came to us as a bit of an unexpected blessing.  In one of the crazy shovels of players Isaac came to live with us for what was supposed to be a short stay along with another player, Brett(there is plenty more you will hear about him).  Things always managed to have a way of falling through when it came to finding him a new house, and he was fine with sharing the open basement with our 11 year old.  Pretty soon the kids knew he was not going to leave; he had come to love the food and his own little corner of space he had carved out.  It was not long before Veronica had accepted the fact he was not going to be moving and she was plotting out ways to move people around to make room for him.  I of course was worried about how having 6 people in our house was going to work not to mention two hockey players.

I finally broke and agreed to Veronica purchasing a bed for him still I had no clue where it was he was going to sleep once I had the bed.  But the bed arrived and Veronica pushed and finally after getting rid of the couch I have loved more than any other piece of furniture we have every owned, Isaac finally had his very own space bed and all.

Now Veronica and I both know the exact moment Isaac became part of our family and there would be no way he would ever be allowed to leave.  That moment came in the form of a cuddle session on the couch(similar to the one in the picture).  Isaac was lying on the couch taking up all the room and the next thing we knew Kaiden and Cloudya where there with him.  The three of them all nestled together watching TV.

There is not a day now we can’t think of our very own little oops baby being anywhere else but home with us.