Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's a Boy!

      When Cloudya is asked how many brothers she has the answer always changes.  With every response we as parents get a strange look.  “Yes, it’s true I tell them.  Cloudya has five brothers.”   You’d think being the only daughter in the Dean brood she would hate it, but the truth is whenever a new one arrives no one is more excited.   This year was no different.
      This year the boys’ coach paired us with our player, since Thomas is the housing director.  The surprising part came when Thomas was preparing dinner one evening and received a call from Kansas City and a man introduced himself as the parent of our hockey son.  The funny thing is that at this point coach had not told Thomas who we were getting.  I came home hours later from one of my many motherly tasks to find out I had a new son, but Thomas had to verify with coach that it was correct.
     It was and a couple weeks later our news hockey son came skating into our lives.  His name is Chris and he is from Kansas City.  His hometown is quite ironic since Thomas and I lived there for a very long time plus Kaiden was born there, not to mention the fact that our hockey son from last year had played there the year before.  I’m the one most homesick to return there, so it’s nice to have a Chiefs fan around even if we don’t really like them all that much.
     Before we knew it the date of Chris’ arrival was upon us; his room was painted, his bed was made and the excitement in the house grew.  When the car pulled up to the house it was Cloudy that jetted to the window and peered outside.  As she looked out the mini-blind she jumped up and down shouting, “He’s here!  He’s here!”  Before they knocked on the door she had run towards it in anticipation. 
     Last season all her brothers left early and it left her bummed.  Thomas and I were a little concerned on how excited she would be to have a new brother.  Watching an eleven year old jump up and down because Chris had arrived answered that question. 

Welcome to the family Chris!  The kids are loud, the house is small, but you will always be one of us!


On Friday: And the Bodies Hit the Floor!

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